2022 Tickets will be available soon!!!

The Harvest Moon Cemetery Tour Planning Committee is pleased to bring you the 2021 Harvest Moon Cemetery Tours. This year, there will be two different ways to enjoy the tours. There will be horse-and-trolley (carriage) tour and a walking tour. 

The carriage tours will begin at the top of every hour starting at 7pm and ending at 10pm. Since the trolley is not enclosed, there is not a mask requirement when riding the trolley.  You will get onto the trolley at Gazebo where you check in.  The route will take you through town as a guide gives you historical facts of different places.  You’ll then enjoy a guided tour through the cemetery.  The carriage will bring you back and drop you off at the Gazebo.  Total time for tour is about 60 minutes.  Please arrive at the Gazebo in Barker Commons at least 10 minutes before your scheduled start time to allow check in.  

The walking tour will start at 15 minutes after the hour where you will get on a bus at the Gazebo and be transported to the cemetery where your walking tour will begin.  Masks must be worn while riding the bus to and from the cemetery.  While on the walking tour (and outside) masks can be removed.  The bus will drop you back off at the Gazebo after the walking tour.  Total time for tour is 60-75 minutes.  Please arrive at the Gazebo in Barker Commons at least 10 minutes before your scheduled time to allow check in.

We look forward to this year’s tours because of having a new script. This will not be like year’s past. You haven’t seen this one yet, so ensure you get a ticket now. Tickets are limited. 

We encourage you to support Festivals Fredonia directly through shopping in our web store for Festivals Fredonia merchandise, and you can also make donations and purchase festival sponsorships in the store as well. These events cannot happen without your support, your continued interest, and the passion for the community that Fredonia is known for. We couldn’t do it without you!  Although the events of 2020 left us without the opportunity to bring so many new things to the in-person event as we had originally planned, we remain hopeful that this year’s festival will allow us to bring some Halloween fun to downtown Fredonia. 

Thank you for your continued support of the Harvest Moon Cemetery Tours and Festivals Fredonia, and we hope to see you again next year. Happy Halloween! 

2022 Tour Tickets will be available Soon!!!

Feel free to watch the 2020 Virtual tour any time!